What is a glass break detector

<br> <br> defined by the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics (piezoelectric ceramic plates twisted under external force, will generate a charge on its surface deformation), intrusion detectors may be made of glass breaking. High-frequency glass broken sound (10k ~ 15kHZ) is effectively detected, and the sound signal below 10kHZ (such as speaking, walking sound) has a strong inhibitory effect. The frequency of the acoustic emission frequency of the glass breakage and the strength are related to the thickness and area of ​​the glass.
Introduction <br> <br> glass break detector according to different works roughly divided into two categories: one is a voice-type single-art glass break detectors, which is actually a frequency selective action (bandwidth 10 15KHz) Voice-activated alarm detector with special purpose to drive out high-frequency signals generated when the glass breaks. The other category is dual-technology glass break detectors, which include voice-activated vibration and infrasonic-glass breaking high-frequency sound types.

Voice-type single-art dual technology glass breakage detector of glass break detectors Voice - The voice is Shock and vibration detecting two techniques together, only the high frequency sound signals detected simultaneously beat the glass and broken glass is issued due to The vibration only outputs the alarm signal.

Infrasound-glass broken high-frequency sound double-technology detector combines the infrasonic wave detection technology and the glass broken high-frequency sound detection technology. Only the high-frequency sound signal and the induced infrasound signal emitted when the glass and the glass are broken are detected simultaneously. Trigger alarm. Voice plus voice the vibration type is the vibration detecting two technologies are combined, is detected only while the vibration and the high frequency sound signals emitted beat the glass caused by broken glass, it outputs an alarm signal. Infrasound frequency sound wave and dual technology glass breakage detector is an infrasound detection technology and high-frequency acoustic glass break detection technology combined together, the high frequency acoustic signals emitted simultaneously detect only beat the glass and broken glass infrasound signal caused only Trigger alarm.

The glass breakage detector should be as close as possible to the glass to be protected, as far as possible away from sources of noise interference, such as sharp metal impact sounds, ring tones, whistle whistle, etc., to reduce false alarms.

Wireless glass break detector features:

Dual-frequency mode recognition, 9m detection range, tamper protection of the wall and front cover, and a wall-mounted/inlet-top rotating bracket are designed for optimal installation performance. RWT6G can detect the crushing of most common glass, such as flat glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and wire glass, while ignoring the non-frame glass breakage, or other possible sources of false alarms.

Broken glass detector features:

Microcomputer processing eliminates all false alarms caused by the sound of non-frame mounted glass and other objects (such as keys, telephone bells, televisions, air conditioners, etc.). Suitable for flat glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and coated glass.

After all the sounds in the protected area were sampled at 40,000 times per second, advanced sound micro-computer digital processing technology was used to analyze and filter the sound for 30 relevant time periods to make accurate judgments.

The sophisticated intelligent hearing can distinguish the broken sound of all kinds of glass, and eliminate all non-frame glass broken sounds and other sound sources (keys, telephone bells, air conditioners, etc.) that may cause false alarms.

When an alarm purposes <br> <br> broken glass, to prevent illegal intrusion. The types of glass that can be detected include tempered glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass. Apply to hotels, shops, libraries, jewelry stores, warehouses and other windows broken glass and needed a place alarm
Installation and use points

1. The glass break detector is suitable for all places where it is necessary to guard glass against shattering. In addition to protecting the general door and window glass, it can effectively control large-area glass windows, showcases, and kiosks.

2. When installing, the acoustic and electrical sensor should be facing the main direction of the alert. Purpose To reduce the detection sensitivity.

3, the installation should be as close as possible to the glass to be protected, as far as possible away from noise sources, in order to reduce false alarms.

4. Different types of glass break detectors need to be installed according to the different operating principles.

5. A glass break detector can also be used to protect the multi-faceted glass window.

6. Curtains, shutters, or other coverings will partially absorb the energy emitted from the broken glass. In particular, heavy curtains will severely block the transmission of sound.

7. The detector should not be installed in front of the ventilation or ventilation fan, nor should it be near the doorbell to ensure the reliability of the work.

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