There will be six changes in the domestic chemical fertilizers

There will be six changes in the domestic chemical fertilizers

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued notices to revise the "Administrative Measures for Off-season Commercial Reserves of Chemical Fertilizers" and "Supplementary Regulations on Administrative Measures for Off-season Chemical Reserves in Chemical Fertilizers" formulated in 2005, forming a "Management Measures for Off-season Commercial Reserves of Chemical Fertilizers ( (Revised in 2015)” (draft for solicitation of opinions) and openly solicited opinions from the public. According to the new management measures, the following six changes will occur in the management of chemical fertilizers.

The first is the expansion of management scope. In addition to the central bank’s light storage, the chemical fertilizer reserve also has local reserves in major agricultural provinces. The new version of the management method also includes local light reserves. The control of the scale of chemical fertilizers is determined by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance after being submitted to the State Council for approval. The unit is in-kind tons. National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance within the scope of the scale control approved by the State Council, according to the national fertilizer market situation and the needs of macro-control, determine the total annual reserve, and the central reserve company reserves the amount of tasks and sub-regional local reserve enterprise reserves The amount of tasks. Whether it is the central reserve or local reserve, interest is subsidized by the central government.

The second is that the compound fertilizer is clearly light-storing. In the old management approach, there was no explicit reference to compound fertilizers. In the new edition, it is clear that compound fertilizers are light storage species.

The third is the improvement of the qualifications of the storage enterprises. In the old version, the registered capital of the reserve company was required to be no less than 30 million yuan in principle (***, the same below). In the new version, it has been raised to 50 million yuan. The registered capital (gold) of the company’s headquarter or the consortium-led company must be no less than 50 million yuan in the previous year (in Qinghai Province and in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the reserve company reserves the company’s For the task, the registered capital (gold) of the previous year shall not be less than 10 million yuan. There is no capital requirement for the participating companies in the old version. The new version requires that the registered capital (gold) in the previous year should not be less than 30 million yuan.

The fourth is the determination of the bidding method. For the tender for chemical fertilizers, the new version clearly puts forward a method of implementing a tender for the storage enterprises, three years of stability, and the merits and demerits. The contractually determined storage enterprises, the period of commitment for undertaking the reserve task is, in principle, three years. The entrusting unit and the storage enterprise sign the entrustment agreement in each year. During this period, the storage enterprise that completed the light storage task in the year and intends to undertake the next year's light storage task shall submit the application report for the completion of the storage task for the previous year and the application for the storage task for the next year to the entrusting unit. Next year acceptance agreement. This will help mobilize the enthusiasm of the storage enterprises, but also ensure the smoothness of the reserve.

The fifth is the refinement of the assessment indicators for light storage. The new edition has refined the assessment indicators for light storage, and put forward three main indicators for assessment: cumulative volume, average inventory, and peak inventory in the target area. And put forward specific requirements.

Sixth, the punishment is more stringent. The storage and storage enterprises have problems such as falsification, sales of counterfeit and deteriorating fertilizers, actual content and weight of chemical fertilizers sold and standard content and weight, etc., and they can not assume the task of lighter chemical storage during the lifetime, and bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract according to the degree of violation.

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