The definition and classification of the safe industry

Safe definition:
Safe (box) is a special kind of container. According to its functions, it is mainly divided into fire safe and anti-theft safes, magnetic safes, fire-proof magnetic safes, fire anti-theft safes and so on. Each type of safe has its own national standard. Most of the safes on the market are the first two.
According to different password working principles, anti-theft safes (boxes) can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by relatively cheap prices and reliable performance. Most of the early safes (boxes) were mechanical safes (boxes). Electronic safes (boxes) are electronic locks such as electronic passwords, IC cards, and other intelligent control methods applied to safes (boxes). They are characterized by ease of use, especially when used in hotels, requiring frequent replacement of passwords. Electronic password safe (box) is more convenient. More industry information can be found in the Vault Industry Market Survey Analysis Report.
Safe Category:
Anti-theft safes are defined in the standard as non-normal access to cabinets equipped with mechanical and electronic locks (including code locks, IC card locks, etc.) within a specified period of time under resistance conditions.
According to the security level is divided into: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C a total of 6 categories.
A1 has the lowest level of security and should prevent the use of common hand tools, portable power tools and grinding heads, and the use of these tools in conjunction with each other. Open the doors within 15 minutes of net working time or 38 square centimeters on the doors and cabinets. hole. Class C has the highest level of safety and should prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding heads and special portable power tools, cutting torches and explosives, opening doors within 60 minutes of net working time or causing damage to doors or cabinets. 13 square centimeters of through holes have a mass of not less than 450 kilograms.

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