Tesla says that unmanned driving is more promising than humans

Just now, Tesla held a teleconference, announcing that all of its current Tesla cars are equipped with autonomous driving hardware. Tesla said that all the models produced at the Tesla plant (including the future Model 3) already have a hardware base for full autopilot, and Tesla also specifically describes the automation based on this hardware. Driving has an unprecedented increase in safety, which is much more reliable than a human driver.

According to the data of the Automobile Transportation Association, nearly one-tenth of the drivers admit that there is a fatigue driving every week, and about 6,400 people die every year. Safety is a major factor driving demand for driverless cars. For example, when the car is about to get out of control and slip or roll over, the stability and traction control system in the driverless can detect the danger and start in time to prevent the accident. It can be seen that driverlessness is more "safe" than human drivers.

Intelligent driverless vehicles mainly use sensor technology, signal processing technology, communication technology and computer technology to identify the car by integrating various on-board sensors such as vision, laser radar, ultrasonic sensor, microwave radar, GPS, odometer and magnetic compass. The environment and state, and based on the obtained road information, traffic signal information, vehicle position and obstacle information, analyze and judge, give the main control computer the desired control, control the vehicle steering and speed, thus achieving driverless driving The vehicle is anthropomorphic according to its own intentions and environment. It is a typical high-tech complex.

Unmanned driving has exploded due to security. The initial development of driverless technology began with the reduction and prevention of motor vehicle accidents. From 1950 to 2000, OEM car manufacturers and Tier 1 component manufacturers invented and produced many structural improvements to the vehicle. The core is the four major safety systems: seat belts, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), airbags and electronic stability control (ESC). Safety is the main factor driving the development of driverless vehicles. The advantages of driverless driving are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Now Tesla has already laid out in the unmanned field early, and the future unmanned field will usher in an outbreak due to the entry of giants. International authorities predict that some unmanned vehicles will be commercialized around 2020, completely unmanned at 2025.

Not only the entry of giants has led to the outbreak of unmanned driving. At present, the promotion of intelligent unmanned driving has become an international consensus: the United States has passed legislation to promote unmanned driving; the Japanese government has allowed unmanned vehicles in the population since 2017. Driving tests were initiated on sparse areas and suburban roads, and in 2020, unmanned passenger cars were allowed to land on some areas.

With the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents and the fact that safety factors are gradually recognized by the market, the layout of giants and the issuance of documents by industry associations have advanced the advancement of the driverless industry. We believe that unmanned vehicles will be safer than human drivers in the future. More and more industries will use driverless technology. The application of driverless technology is wide and the prospects are promising.

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