Photovoltaic cable laying correct way

The correct way of laying PV power cables The construction of PV power system runs through the entire process of project construction, determines whether the power station can be reliably and safely operated for a long time, and also affects the benefits of power station owners. It plays a decisive role in the entire power station.

During the construction of the photovoltaic power station system, installation of major equipment components includes installation of photovoltaic modules, mounting of support systems, installation of inverters, installation of transformers, and installation of fixed foundations. In the construction design, the construction of photovoltaic cables is easily forgotten. The cable plays a vital role in the safety of the overall operation of the photovoltaic power station. Correct construction of the cable not only can reduce the damage to the power station, increase the efficiency, enhance the reliability, but also increase the profit of the power station owner. In many cases, the potential safety hazards of the power station are not caused by problems such as cable specifications, quality, connection, etc., but because there are no scientific protective measures for PV cables, it is imperative to lay a protective and fixed PV cable. No delay.

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