Modern version of "the siege": "brainwashing" under the Internet big data

Since its invention, the Internet has gradually become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether you are working or playing, you can find everything you need on the Internet. Even on the Internet, everyone can find many like-minded people who form one circle after another, and these circles have become the modern “besieged city”.
In real life, some people are very social and therefore very popular, but there are still many people who are introverted and therefore like to be alone, but even introverts hope to have an opportunity to share their emotions with others, regardless of It is happy, happy or sad, depressed. Just as the Internet gave them such an opportunity, an opportunity to vent their emotions.
Big data can outline all user portraits
Now entering the 21st century, the Internet has further developed, and massive content has washed our brains all the time. Countless things are affecting our three views, especially in the era of big data, and even data can be used to outline a person’s Overall portrait.
Big data, also known as massive data geometry, refers to a collection of data that cannot be captured, managed, and processed by conventional software tools over a certain time frame. It requires a new processing model to have greater decision making, insight, and Massive, high growth rates and diverse information assets for process optimization capabilities.
To put it simply, any action we make on the Internet will generate corresponding data. After the data is collected, we can get valid data through the sorting, and outline the user's portrait for precise positioning, whether it is advertising, or Watch your favorite articles and videos and push them to the front row.
The essence of big data is a win-win situation
Normally, the collection of such data is beneficial to both the enterprise and the user. The enterprise can use the data to better serve its users and deliver its products more accurately after understanding the user's preferences. And users can easily find what they are looking for.
Strictly speaking, this strategy of big data existed before the Internet was invented. As early as the beginning of the market economy, merchants spontaneously began to adjust the market and understand market preferences. This is the initial market research. Designing strategies for different user groups is also one of the cornerstones of the establishment of a commodity society.
But this kind of strategy, which is beneficial to both sides, has changed everything when some people ignore the rules and cross the border. Each of us produces countless pieces of information every day. This information is usually of no value, but after screening, information that reflects our daily behavior is of great value.
Under normal circumstances, the information we generate on a platform will only be collected by this platform. This is also voluntary by both parties. In order to make this application better serve itself, it can let the platform understand its behavior habits. Through these habits, user stickiness is caused by the user not leaving easily.
For example, the social software we use, such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc., has extremely strong stickiness. After users have used it for a while, it is difficult to get rid of it. We can’t give up using these software, but give up. The cost of using it is too great.
Serious consequences of big data
The screening of big data allows us to be comfortable in a comfortable circle. Over time, everyone is indifferent to things other than their preferences. Finally, the modern version of the "surrounded city" is different from the original "besieged city". This city is the isolation zone that we personally built and willingly live in.
If you say that the biggest invention of Internet socialism is, then the black function is undoubtedly the best. In real life, we face a lot of unpleasant things every day, but we can't escape, or the cost of escaping is too big, but in the network we can pull black, this low-cost way to escape trouble is to promote the Internet. The most important invention of social initial prosperity.
Under the guidance of big data and the operation that can be blackened, the user has formed his own inherent thinking without knowing it. Anyone has their own cognitive blind spots. Even university professors who are rich in five cars often turn over on simple cognitive issues. If there are no restrictions, people will further strengthen their preferences and oppositions. Effective communication will be largely blocked. This is a serious consequence of big data algorithms.
We are born equal but big data makes you no longer equal
The intent of the big data algorithm is actually to divide the user into more detailed, classify all the fuzzy things, and make their decision model more realistic. If these are successful, then the differential treatment of the relevant users is obviously the largest among the merchants. The pursuit.
In normal times, we can't because there is no ordinary person who has no money in Ma Yun and no Einstein to discriminate against him, but under the big data subdivision, this will happen. This is another serious consequence of big data, users are divided into three or six.
However, it does not mean that you are classified as a gold lord, and everything will go smoothly. However, after being designated as the target user, all the products that the user browses will increase the price to a certain extent. This situation must be rich even if the price is high. People who see it will also be unhappy.
Finally, big data in addition to allowing users to quickly find what they want to know, will inevitably lead users to see the information that the company wants them to see, so that subtly change the user's thinking and three views, this way has a The easy-to-understand word "brainwashing". Especially on the Internet, almost everyone will not admit that they are wrong, this kind of brainwashing effect will be more prominent.
At present, there is not a good plan for big data, and the law is not perfect. Therefore, the information reselling on the network occurs sometimes, and the personal information security is in jeopardy. It is completely different from what many people think. It can be said that it is currently on the Internet. There is almost no personal privacy.
Our related data security relies entirely on the self-discipline and ethics of the company, but even in the national elections, there are legal restrictions on the highest leadership council, and for these companies, only the self-discipline and responsibility are used to constrain the enterprise, even if it is added to society. The spontaneous regulation of power is undoubtedly an idiotic dream.
Here, it is not to abandon big data, but to hope that big data can be used more safely. To solve these problems, we must start from the source. On the one hand, it is necessary to rely on user opinion and government supervision to correct the misguided guidance of these commercial companies , and on the other hand, to focus on the development of big data algorithms.
In the face of this technical dilemma, only the more developed technical means can be completely solved. The current blockchain technology is an effective means to solve the problems related to big data. At that time, each of us can effectively control our own data. It will not be biased by news with guided content. With a positive and vigilant heart, it is our mentality to face new technologies.

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