Mei'an pure beauty: the choice of solid wood bed

There are two kinds of solid wood furniture on the market: one is all solid wood furniture, all the furniture is solid wood, no other forms of wood-based panels; the other is imitation wood furniture, the solid content is only 20%~30% . In addition, the price difference of solid wood furniture exists in many aspects: the degree of drying of solid wood furniture, the standard of crafts, the paint used, the level of environmental protection, the technical standards of detail, including the style of solid wood furniture, will cause price differences.

1, to judge the authenticity of solid wood Mei An Chunmei tells you to look at three places, that is, knots, wood grain and cross section. Scarred: Look at the location of the scared side, and then find the corresponding pattern on the other side, if any, it is really solid wood. Wood grain: The wood grain inside should be corresponding. If the correspondence is very good, it is pure solid wood. If the correspondence is not good, then give up. Section: If the color of the section is darker than the panel, it can be seen that it is made of whole piece of wood.
2, pay attention to the tree species Meian Chunmei tells you that the wood species directly affect the price and quality of the bed. Cheap pines, eucalyptus, and expensive mahogany, the price difference is very far. So instead of solid wood, you can sell a good price. After all, the performance of solid wood like pine is much worse than that of wood-based panels.
3, should pay attention to the origin of the solid wood bed Mei An Chunmei tells you to pay special attention to the origin of the solid wood bed wood manufacturers. Generally speaking, after the solid wood bed produced in the south reaches the north, the moisture content will be affected by the climate, which is prone to cracking and deformation. Therefore, the origin of the solid wood bed is best not too far from where you live. The best climate is the best.
4, check the frame of the bed to see if it is firm. Mei'an Chunmei tells you that the solid wood bed is connected by means of gutters, etc., where the local load is relatively large, it is also reinforced with screws and protective blocks. Consumers who choose to see a solid wood bed as a whole are only fixed with screws, it is best not to buy. Consumers can sit on the bed and make a few squats. If there is a creaking sound, if you have it, it is best not to buy it.
5. Observe whether the wood is defective. Cracking: Generally good brands can't see such a bed appear on the market, because this is your own brand.
Scarred: If there are scars at the same position on the front and back, then the knot is basically a dead knot. If it takes a long time, it will fall off, so there is absolutely no such a bed.

Mildew: It is the fact that the wood is green and has water marks, so people on earth know that this kind of thing is especially bad for wood.

Source: GO Jiaju Furniture Network

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