Indoor LED full color rental screen have what components

Indoor rental led full color screen are: indoor led display, led module, led rental box, led power dedicated series, led power cord, cable, all kinds of screws, led control system, aviation plug, aviation box and other materials .

1. Indoor led display screen body generally includes the box body, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc. (The indoor fixed installation screen can not be used for bracket body magnet adsorption);

3. Computer: General fixed installation is to use a desktop computer, rental of the common notebook and external send card with the use of;

2.led controller system: the general screen is not too big to use only a send card, the receiving card is based on the screen length and height to the actual accounting, we will give a suitable number to ensure the display effect and cost (individual color led Display items can be controlled remotely or wirelessly according to actual requirements.

5. Power distribution cabinet: Do not try to configure itself in order to greedy and cheap, so it is not professional, once you do it will have a great impact on the life and normal use of the screen, we recommend that customers to find a professional manufacturer to buy, or by We are purchasing.

4. Video Processor: General fixed installation of the small screen If the information is not updated frequently, do not do live broadcasts can not be, if it is a big screen or do live broadcast you need to buy;

7. Multi-function card: It can provide parameters such as temperature, humidity and brightness, and can realize automatic brightness adjustment and other functions. Suggest customer configuration;

6. Amplifier and stereo: According to the installation environment, the indoor needs waterproof, customers can buy it, but also we can provide;

9 Main connection wire: It is mainly the power cable from the power take place to the distribution cabinet, the cable from the distribution cabinet to the screen body, and the main network cable that controls the computer to the main screen. These are generally prepared by the customer. Wires between other screens are provided by us;

8. Steel frame structure: Our company provides full-color led display CAD reference design drawings, customers can make in the local, but also by our company contract production;

10. Heat Dissipation Equipment: General Indoors In general environment, no special heat dissipation equipment is required. Indoors air conditioners and axial fans are usually installed to improve the stability and life of the display.

12. Logistics and transportation: The freight is responsible for the customer, generally it is to take the logistics to pay, the land transport benefits, and the air transportation price is higher. For example, a Dalian led display customer from Shenzhen to Dalian, the cost of transportation per square meter is about 260 yuan.

11, Flight cases: It is generally only leased customers need to purchase, a flight box can be 4-6 display boxes.

In addition to the background of the stage, led rental screens can also be advertised outside the room, and can also release information to enrich people's cultural and entertainment life. They are popular information media for the audience and have been promoted and applied in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. Received very good results. Text / Shenzhen LED base

1. Use Surface Mount System to install electron component. High quality stable and more quality consistency.

2. Pass germany TUV testing, have EMC and LVD certificate.

3. The AC input power voltage is made between 85V to 240V. So it could select AC input voltage automatically. You could work in AC USA 110V or AC europe 220-240V.

4. CEL: Cellulose electrode is special electrode to lay big pipe on oil and chemical industry, natural gas, electric power, civil pipeline of oil, gas, water. They need high ilder voltage (more than 90V). This machine could do

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