Hangzhou decoration network profile comprehensive understanding of Hangzhou decoration network service

When we handed over the house, how to choose a decoration company to become one of the hottest topics, we will learn from friends and family, find a construction qualification qualified decoration company. As a tourist city in China, Hangzhou attracts many homebuyers every year . What about the Hangzhou decoration network ? Today, we will take a look at Hangzhou Renovation Network to introduce it!

Hangzhou Decoration Network Introduction

Hangzhou Decoration Network was founded in 2004. It is the Internet platform of Feiwang Technology. After continuous development, it is now the largest local decoration service platform in Hangzhou and has many specialized decoration companies. The website is dedicated to bringing Hangzhou citizens a more harmonious Internet platform in the decoration industry. Through rich resources, rapid positioning, and convenient publishing, the website becomes a dynamic website for the decoration industry, and the latest decoration information is available anywhere and anytime. The preferred service platform for people. Through the strong background of the decoration industry, the company has absorbed many outstanding talents and distributed various departments of the company, bringing more professional and friendly service to the decoration users.

Hangzhou decoration network advantages

1. Hangzhou Renovation Network has reached cooperation with a number of local decoration companies with high reputation. On the external website page, they can directly communicate online with decoration companies of Chinese and Italian decoration companies, and offer consulting services such as decoration quotes, which will make decoration users more peace of mind without going out. You can directly compare several decoration companies.

2. Renovation Users can directly publish the decoration tender on the website. After filling in the relevant information, the website will recommend 4-5 decoration companies to the users according to the actual needs, providing users with free measurement services and quotation plans for the consumers. Can fully contrast the decoration company. At the same time, after publishing the tender information, the website customer service will carry out the decoration and follow-up to make the decoration more peace of mind.

3. Website Decoration The materials provided by the decoration company are guaranteed to be genuine. If the owner finds decoration materials shoddy during the decoration process, the owner has the right to allow the decoration company to change the materials or return the items. If there is no way to negotiate between the two, the owner can directly submit the material inspection report to the website customer complaint and let the professional staff perform verification.

4. During the decoration construction stage, if there is a dispute between the decoration company and the owner, they cannot coordinate. The owner can directly call the customer service hotline of Hangzhou Renovation Network and ask the staff to help with the mediation. The customer service team will help the owner to handle and have a job within one day. The staff informed the progress reply. If the mediation fails, if it is wrong with the decoration company, then the decoration company’s warranty money will be drawn and the compensation will be paid to the owner.

About Hangzhou decoration network , Xiao Bian temporarily introduced here, I hope to help you. If you want to learn more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

Hangzhou Decoration Network

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