Deschman won the joint investment of Red Star Macalline, Good Wife, and Sharing Investment, and built the first brand of smart locks.

At present, the smart door lock industry is gaining more and more capital. At the beginning of the new year, Deschman has won the joint investment of 100 million yuan from well-known enterprises and investment companies such as Red Star Macalline, Good Wife Group, and Sharing Investment. The first smart lock brand to receive investment adds another breeze to the already hot smart lock market.

Warm spring under the "ice age" of the investment community

In recent years, after the crazy rise in the equity investment market, the investment community has entered a relatively “ice age” and has undergone a process of constant adjustment and return to rationality. Even in the smart lock industry, which is recognized as a ventricle, the investment community is more cautious. After layer-by-layer screening, it is only the industry leader with good strength and potential. In recent years, the smart lock industry can be described as unprecedented. According to statistics, in 2016, the scale of China's smart lock industry reached 3.5 million sets, and 2017 increased to 5.5 million sets. It is expected that by 2020, it will break through 32 million sets, showing a rapid growth trend. In addition to traditional brands such as Deschman, Yale, and Samsung, which have many years of product precipitation and occupy a major market share, there are also a number of emerging smart lock brands that rely on the Internet marketing system. Traditional home appliance giants Lenovo, Haier, and the United States also rushed to test the smart lock market, and thousands of smart lock companies competed for the smart home market. Under the fierce competition, Deschman, who won the capital's first investment in 2018, is particularly eye-catching.

As one of the earliest professional brands to enter the field of smart locks, Deschman has been focusing on creating a smart lock brand with “car-level” standards since entering the Chinese market. Like automotive products, smart locks have high usage rates and high after-sales requirements, and must be used in uncertain time, area, and temperature environments, as well as different door types. As a high-tech product that enters home, security and stability are its only certainty. Ten years of deep product innovation and market development, Deschmann has precipitated the industry's leading automated production line with a capacity of one million sets of its own capacity, the core technology of 100+ patented technology, and the two-hour door-to-door of the 4S class. Worry" after-sales service system. From production to after-sales, Deschman has achieved the leading position in the industry and has achieved fruitful results. It has become nearly 200 cities in the B-end market, and more than 100 well-known housing companies such as Greentown, Jianye and China Shipping. The choice is to become the industry No.1 in the C-end market Tmall and Jingdong double-platform annual sales volume. It has also become the highest standard for the electronic lock anti-theft of the Ministry of Public Security and the maker of the double standard for the Tmall smart lock industry.

Deschmann's strong advantages and industry influence in the field of smart locks attract capital attention. With the further improvement of the popularity of the intelligent home market and the optimistic potential of the domestic smart lock field, the amount of capital invested by enterprises has also increased. On the eve of the explosive growth of the industry, Red Star Macalline, Good Mrs. Group, and shared investment finally selected Deschman as the investment target. The high cold of the investment in the big residential fund said that the focus on the large residential area, smart home is a very important direction. How to bring more technological sense and more cost-effective smart home products to consumers in the context of technology iteration and residential quality upgrade is the focus of its focus on smart home companies. Among the nearly one thousand smart lock enterprises, several giants have chosen Deschman in the industry. It is the recognition of their past achievements and industrial models, and their optimistic prospects for the development of the company, in order to achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

Opportunities and challenges for new home appliances in the future

Social change has always been, but people’s pursuit of a better living environment has never changed. At present, China's real estate market is entering the stock market from the original incremental market. Under such an environment, a large number of enterprises in the original business service and value chain system will generate new, innovative opportunities and innovative needs. From the consumer level, the consumption upgrade caused by the pursuit of a better life is actually a change in the market phenomenon caused by the replacement of mainstream consumer groups. Smart door locks may be the most intelligent items that subvert the traditional way of life. And is widely accepted by consumers, becoming the entry-level product of new home appliances in the future.

At present, Deschman has an annual production capacity of one million sets, and has formed nearly one thousand project contracting projects in the B-end, 90% of the real estate TOP50 cooperation, C-line online Tmall category 20%+ traffic proportion, Jingdong Category 30%+ sales share and offline 200+ stores, 4,000 retail distribution terminals break through; and continue to focus on long-short rental apartment market. Under the leadership of the omni-channel, it has won more than 100 million capital investment, which allows Deschman to usher in the best market harvesting opportunities and stand out in the competition.

Zhu Zhiling, Chairman of Deschmann Electromechanical (China) Co., Ltd. said that the financing will focus on brand building, factory automation and information transformation, product research and development, etc., and further improve the implementation of the "smart locks ecology" strategic objectives, and increase Investment in product R&D and design, establishment of door lock laboratory; completion of automated production line transformation and information transformation; relying on the "Internet +" big data background, developing omni-channel sales, deepening the layout of first- and second-tier cities, focusing on new retail and expansion Experience the construction of the offline store. So as to focus on building the industry's first unicorn company.

From 2009 to 2018, ten years of grinding a sword, in the face of opportunities and challenges, Deschman has always focused on the convenience and security of users, focusing on the user experience. It is believed that in the near future, smart locks will no longer be "the old Wang Xietang Qianyan", but "fly into the homes of ordinary people" and become an indispensable intelligent center in the new consumer life.

Editor in charge: Zhou Lingling

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