Defying Technology Face++ Practices Huawei "Ecology" 3D Accelerated Intelligent Security Landing

From March 22nd to 23rd, Huawei held a grand event at the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. “Because of the gathering and the success of the company – Σco-XA, Huawei China Eco-Partners Conference 2018”. As one of Huawei's important partners, Vision Technology Face++ was invited to participate in the conference, witnessing and discussing the value and achievements of diverse ecology with more than 1,500 guests from all over the country.
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To achieve prosperity and win the "ecological discipline"
Under the general trend of digital transformation, cutting-edge technologies are concentrated, and digital productivity has awakened a new round of growth momentum, bringing historical opportunities for more industrial enterprises. “Technology + demand” is driving the ICT ecosystem to accelerate integration, and it requires a more diversified role and compounding ability. The ICT ecosystem has begun to enter a new era, and Huawei has defined it as “ecological discipline”. At the conference, Cai Yinghua, President of Huawei EBG China, called on the eco-partners to act together to provide customers with a variety of complex capabilities such as strategic planning, business innovation, market expansion and management improvement to help customers better. Responding to uncertain markets, winning cross-border competition, achieving sustained growth in business value, and ultimately forming an ecological exponential prosperity and a win-win “ecological discipline”.
The remarkable characteristics of ICT “ecological discipline” are higher total value, more efficient operation, more diversified morphological patterns, and cloud service has become one of the best output forms of many companies with deep ICT technology accumulation in “ecology”. . On the 22nd, Huawei also issued the “Huawei Cloud Ecology Qingdao Action Plan”. In the future, together with various partners, Huawei will use its practical actions to stimulate the greater potential of “ecology”.
Today, “cloud” has become an important cornerstone of the intelligent society, and artificial intelligence technology is continuing to land in the construction of smart cities through “cloud” media. As China's top artificial intelligence enterprise, Vision Technology Face+ has always attached great importance to the in-depth exploration of the high-quality development of artificial intelligence technology, products and application practices in cooperation with Huawei. 23, Huawei in the conference about the accelerated artificial intelligence landing theme in the public domain of security, launched a "wisdom video +, so that peace can be expected," the high-end dialogue, vice president of the desert, as the technology Face ++ Chen Xuesong attend together with industry experts Discusses how to solve the problem of extracting key information from massive video data.
Describe the three dimensions of defying intelligent security
At the beginning of the dialogue, Li Zhongnan, a special expert of the Expert Committee of China Security and Protection Products Industry Association, said that the security industry is in a period of transition. The state attaches great importance to the practical application of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence in public security. How to accelerate the application of new technologies in Xueliang Engineering , how to use artificial intelligence technology to analyze massive video surveillance data, these issues have become the focus of enterprise development.
Chen Xuesong responded: “Security has always been a key business area of ​​contempt. In the exploration and practice of applying face recognition and video structuring technology to the massive video data in the security field, contempt is divided into three dimensions. In the first dimension, we will pay attention to the depth of technology application. According to the needs of public security personnel, we divide the target population into four lists: black, white, red, and gray. The blacklist is the criminals. Once these face recognition technologies are discovered, It will immediately report to the police; white list, we define it as the passing group of enterprises, stations and other areas. Defiance is an application that realizes the entry and exit of the station through the 'brush face' verification; the red list is the key Attention to the key personnel, we will further analyze his scope of activity to generate this person's trajectory report after identification, to help security personnel to make corresponding prevention and monitoring; the last one is the gray list, we will carry out in the public security portrait database Large-scale collision comparison analysis, corresponding to finding thieves, ox, etc. that often occur in scenes such as stations Often the 'stranger'. "
The first dimension, Chen Xuesong, explains the depth of contempt for face recognition technology. The other two dimensions are the application width and platform application: “In addition to face recognition, contempt also uses video structuring when dealing with massive video surveillance. Technical and behavioral pattern analysis, labeling personnel and vehicle attributes in video surveillance, multi-dimensional search for target personnel, which is the embodiment of the technical application width. The last dimension is the selection of technical application platform, except to maintain on the back-end analysis platform. The update of the algorithm and the increase of computing power should also focus on shifting the calculation forward, and complete the filtering processing of the video data at the front end, avoiding too much pressure on the efficiency of the back-end equipment room. From these three dimensions, the scorn intelligence The security business has grown several times in the past few years, providing intelligent and efficient security new technologies to 32 provinces across the country."
Security is the deepest pain in the digital transformation, and it will also be an area that has benefited a lot. The development and application of artificial intelligence has become the key to the transition of traditional security to future security. Desperate to cooperate with Huawei's ecological cooperation with the world's leading information and communication solution provider to help smart security in the future.

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