Choosing cabinet panels makes the kitchen more stylish

Nowadays, young people pursuing individuality and fashion are paying more and more attention to kitchen decoration. With the open kitchen design widely used in modern home design, the position of the kitchen in the home is not only the cooking place, but also the role of the face. In modern kitchens, there is always a stylish cabinet, and the panel is the facade of the cabinet. In addition to the basic functions, various materials and colors directly affect the style of the kitchen and the mood of the kitchen. When buying cabinets, how should I choose cabinet panels? To this end, the reporter visited a professional who is engaged in cabinet design.

In a brand cabinet store in Wuzhou Decoration Materials City, a variety of fashion cabinets are gathered, and the cabinets made of different material panels show different personalities and styles. The reporter learned that the cabinet panel materials are rich and varied, including solid wood panels, painted panels, fire panels, melamine panels, glass panels, stainless steel metal panels, stone panels and so on. But in the face of a variety of materials, how should ordinary consumers choose? Cabinet designer Miss Zhang told reporters that in the panel of many materials, the most commonly used is melamine board, because its price is economical and wear-resistant, so is widely used. The environmental protection of solid wood panels is outstanding, and it is popular among people. The price is high and the number of people using it is small. The stainless steel metal plate has less color and is a must for the elderly. Glass and stone boards are the first choice for trend-setting people. The colors vary and they are very creative and artistic.

Ms. Zhang said that the choice of cabinets is subject to the kitchen area. For families with small kitchen space and limited budget, affordable and durable panel materials, simple shapes, bright and bright colors are preferred, which can make limited kitchen space more. Clean and neat, it also has the effect of magnifying the space visually. “If the customer has a small budget on the cabinet, then the simple flat panel should be chosen to save the cost of the cabinet. This flat shape has no special requirements for the material of the board, and it also saves the processing cost of the cumbersome shape. The veneer is both aesthetically pleasing and low-priced, and is also an affordable choice. The double veneer is made of melamine impregnated film paper to create a glamorous visual effect, which is both aesthetically pleasing and reduces the cost of the board. The visual sense of the person is integrated. The fireproof board is the most used panel material in the cabinet. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning and no fading, and the cost is low, which combines the benefits and durability. Just right.” Miss Zhang told reporters that the different ways of opening the cabinet doors will also affect the cost of the cabinets. In addition to the material of the panel itself, the way the cabinet door is opened is also a way to save costs. Compared with the upturn and the slide rail, the hinged door that saves the hardware is the basic practical choice.

The superior quality and high-grade cabinets are the key to creating a kitchen taste. Ms. Zhang said that under the conditions of sufficient budget, the solid wood, elegant and soft plastic, and the modern paint material are the best choice for cabinet panels. “If you have a budget-rich customer, I would recommend a blister panel, solid wood panel or painted panel.” Miss Zhang introduced that the blister panel is elegant. The matt material gives a steady, elegant, textured visual effect, which is one of the reasons why matt blister panels are popular. In addition, the plastic panel has strong plasticity and can be made into different shapes. Blister panels have a variety of cool color effects. In addition to the common cabinet colors, some highly saturated color cabinets can bring more decorative effects to the kitchen and the living room, showing the owner's good decorations. Solid wood material tastes luxurious. Returning to the natural visual and tactile sensations, the nuanced carvings and patterns are only possible with panels made of solid wood. For those who are looking for quality, solid wood panels are definitely the best choice. The paint material is bright and modern. The piano-like luster is the biggest feature of the paint panel. The high saturation of the brilliant color makes the cabinets have a visual impact, adding a modern vitality to the kitchen.

Ms. Zhang introduced that many young people are pursuing fashion avant-garde, and the kitchen cabinets are also the carrier for their individuality and creativity. Therefore, for these young people, they mix and match different materials at the time of design, and try to use other details such as bold contrast to highlight the fashion taste. “In addition to the hanging cabinets and the cabinets can be matched by different colors, the panels in the group can also be matched with color and color, which brings a different visual perception. The high saturated color challenges the visual fashion. The bright yellow with high saturation gives people the belt. With visual impact, it is full of fashion and elegance. With the matt material panel, it is a beautiful and beautiful landscape.” Miss Zhang introduced, “For customers who like tough industrial style, we also recommend metal and original wood quality mix and match panels. The metal material is avant-garde, the original wood is fresh and natural, and the original wood-like drawer panel and the thick metal panel are thick and heavy, and the balance is unique in the softness and softness."

There are so many fumes in the kitchen that it is easy to hide dirt. Therefore, it is also the king of the cabinet panel. Miss Zhang introduced that the acrylic material is scrub resistant. Acrylic materials, known as "plastic crystals", are well tolerated and will not discolor even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The surface hardness, flatness and brightness of the acrylic panel are excellent, and it can be completely refreshed with a simple wipe. The mirror resin does not leave any stains. The stylish, full-color mirror resin is popular in cabinet door applications. It has excellent water resistance, and it is difficult to immerse the kitchen stains such as oil stains, which is very smooth and easy to care for. The wood color is resistant to dirt and does not change color. The cabinets have been used for a long time. Due to the sun and oil, the surface color will become dim or dip. Compared with solid color panels, wood-colored cabinet doors are more resistant to dirt and are less prone to discoloration.

The selection of cabinet panels, in addition to aesthetic and practical considerations, the safety and service life of the panels can not be ignored. Ms. Zhang said, “The cabinet panel is environmentally safe first. For example, although the melamine veneer is wear-resistant and beautiful, it is inevitable to release formaldehyde through industrial glue bonding. The manufacturer must provide the material inspection report when purchasing. The paint panel is suitable for the appearance and People with higher quality requirements, but must not use hard materials to wipe when cleaning, must use clean cotton cloth, if there are scratches will not be able to recover, and will be contaminated, affecting the smoothness. Do not have to pursue pure solid wood material. The door frame is generally solid wood, and the door core is made of medium-density board with solid wood skin in order to ensure no cracking or deformation. This treatment is just to ensure the quality. No matter which material is selected, the thickness of the door should be 18 mm. Good cabinet door edge is flat and smooth, the joint is fine, no sawtooth print, the texture is clear, the coating is full, and the three-dimensional effect is felt. When selecting the panel, the touch is very important. The surface of the panel is smooth and flat without touch. like material, feel comfortable, especially in the corners adapter must be smooth, or affect the safety "author:

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