Chenyang dehumidification equipment: sorting out several small problems in the use of dehumidifiers (91P)

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What is the nominal dehumidification amount of 0.4GK/H on the dehumidifier nameplate?

The unit of dehumidification is generally two, one is L/D=liter/day, and the other is L/H (liter/hour). The amount of dehumidification is the volume of water removed from the air per unit time. The nominal dehumidification amount is determined under standard environmental conditions, and the "standard environmental condition" means "30 °C / RH80%", that is, "the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is 80%". If the nominal dehumidification amount is 10 liters/day, it means that the volume of water is 10 liters measured under standard environmental conditions for 24 hours.

The label on the dehumidifier nameplate should be “nominal dehumidification amount 0.4KG/H”, that is, the dehumidification amount per hour under standard environmental conditions is 0.4 kg, which is equivalent to 9.6 L/D, that is, under the environmental conditions of 30 °C/RH80%. The effluent volume measured in hours was 9.6 liters.

Can the dehumidifier be turned on overnight?

Yes, the dehumidifier can be turned on 24 hours. If you are a household dehumidifier, the machine will automatically stop if the dehumidification water is full. In addition, you can also set the required humidity value, such as 50%-60%, when the humidity reaches your required humidity, the machine can also automatically stand by.

What is the reason why the dehumidifier has been showing 95%?

First look at the machine to display the fault code, different brands indicate failure. Then check if the compressor is working.

If the compressor does not work, it means there is a problem with the compressor and the machine does not drip.

If the compressor is working properly, it may be that the humidity sensor is malfunctioning and the machine can drip.

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When the humidity is too much, the dehumidifier starts?

This depends on the humidity value set by your dehumidifier. When the humidity is higher than the humidity you set ±5%, the dehumidifier will start.

What is the condition that the dehumidifier cannot be dehumidified?

1. The dehumidifier does not work when the temperature is low and the humidity is low. 2. When the dehumidifier lacks the refrigerant 3. The dehumidifier fan motor fails to work or does not dehumidify 4. Does not dehumidify during the defrosting procedure

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