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Some people may have such doubts, parking system can achieve parking management and can not stop and go, why use utility license plate recognition? The following Xiaobian makes a brief introduction to the functional characteristics of the Aonui license plate recognition all-in-one machine:
First of all, the fast license plate recognition all-in-one is like this
First, why use license plate recognition one machine

1. Achieving fast traffic Compared with the traditional system of card swiping, the passability of license plate recognition is much higher than that of the card swiping system, and the vehicle can be parked without parking.
2. Intelligent operation through the entrance unattended, to minimize the number of vehicle charging personnel, to avoid unnecessary manual intervention. The intelligent automatic license plate recognition and charging system is automatically calculated, which reduces the work strength of security personnel. It does not require security while taking into account the situation of the vehicles at the entrance and exit. It only needs to perform quick charging actions for the vehicles on the field, and the system can charge the amount when the amount is zero. Realize automatic gate opening and reduce the workload of toll collectors.
3. Humanized Management Mode When a fixed vehicle fails to park its basement in accordance with regulations, the system automatically charges the temporary parking fee. Maximize the provision of ground parking spaces, reduce the contradiction of ground parking, and facilitate management and coordination.
4. Rigorous management measures All vehicles are provided with pictures and license plate numbers. Temporary parking entrances and exits are automatically matched to calculate temporary parking fees. If there are special circumstances of free release, there are free reason selection records, so that vehicles are recorded in and out.

Second, the use of license plate recognition advantages?

For fixed vehicle management, "license plate recognition" solves the following problems:
Solve the situation of one card and many cars to solve the situation that the card was not carried in and out of the community. Solved the problem that the card was lost or damaged. The replacement of the card solved the problem that the card was not sensitive due to the different installation positions of the card.

For the management of temporary vehicles, "license plate recognition" solves the following problems:
1. Solved the opportunity for fee collectors to steal money during the temporary charging process;
2. The issue of the limited card capacity of the entrance card issuer is solved, and the entrance needs staffing. Entry card issuers often need to arrange special persons to transfer “temporary cards” between “entry card issuer” and “temporary car”, which seriously deviates from the “fundamental requirement for saving human resources”. However, the temporary vehicles often stop at a distance from the card issuing machine. This is a normal reflection of the subconsciousness that people are afraid of hitting the card issuing machine and barriers. It is a frequent occurrence.
3. Solved the situation where some temporary vehicles mixed out of the parking lot and lost temporary cards and parking fees at the same time;
4. Solved the problem that some fixed vehicles have maliciously taken temporary cards when they enter the venue, resulting in constant loss of temporary cards. Automatically distinguish cars and cars from each other and implement different charging standards;

Third, the license plate recognition has brought convenience to the entire parking area

1. Adaptability analysis of license plate recognition for property management personnel 1) The property management personnel do not need to worry about card loss, card registration, card authorization, card loss report, card untiring, and other tedious card operations.
2) Property managers do not have to worry about the loss of revenue generated by multiple cards.
3) The property management personnel need not worry about the complaints caused by the complicated and cumbersome operation of the system.
2. Adaptability of license plate recognition to system integrators The license plate recognition system only includes cameras, barriers, led screens, and management software (computers), and the entire system is networked, making it difficult to install, debug, and maintain. Far less than other intelligent systems.

Fourth, license plate recognition solutions in various situations

1, normal networking applications (computer and network are working properly)
System management functions are implemented by the management computer. The system adopts a fully networked design. In order to ensure the reliability of the system, it is necessary to ensure the security and smoothness of the network. The "License Plate Recognition All-in-One" of the entrance and exit and the control and management computer use the TCP/IP network connection method to transfer data and images. The upper computer identification method is networked and charged, and the license plate number is used as the sole data identifier for vehicle management. Through the comparison of the recognition results of the license plate recognition all-in-ones at each entrance and exit, the parking time and the parking fee are calculated and displayed on the booth management program interface according to the corresponding charging plan.
Automatic billing for exports This function must ensure the smooth flow of the network. The parking entrance and exit equipment is online in real time. The “license plate recognition machine” at the entrance passes the recognition result to the exit. The license plate recognition machine at the exit point receives the recognition result. According to the charging plan, the amount of charges that should be paid is automatically calculated to prevent internal staff from cheating, effectively avoiding the loss of receivables.
Automatic data statistics and license plate fuzzy inquiry This function must ensure the smooth flow of the network. Parking entrance and exit devices are online in real time and can be used at any time to calculate the amount of charges and conduct fuzzy query of license plates.

2, the application of semi-offline situation (the computer fails, but the network is still normal)
“License Plate Recognition All-in-One” can store 10,000 records off-line, and 500 pictures have no effect on the fixed-vehicle malfunction of the computer, because the fixed-vehicle license plate numbers have already been downloaded to the “license plate recognition all-in-one machine”. All algorithms are solidified in hardware. The "embedded" recognition method supports independent work from the computer.

For a temporary vehicle, there is no impact on the computer's failure, because the information of the temporary vehicle, the time of entry, the license plate number already exists on the main control board of the entrance, as long as the network is normal, there is no problem in the communication between the mainboard, the main exporter The control board can also calculate how long it will take to park and how much it will cost. When the computer returns to normal, the computer automatically extracts records stored offline. Avoid the loss of fees.

3, the application of the full offline situation (both computer and network failures)
Fixed vehicles can enter and exit normally because license plate information has been downloaded offline to the main control board, and voice and display can work normally.
Temporary vehicles that have entered the stadium can be charged normally. Vehicles that do not have access to the vehicle can manually enter the license plate number into and out of the field through the mobile phone APP. When entering the field, check the admission record and calculate the charge.
4. Under the special environment, dual camera recognition can be adopted, and the recognition can be more powerful in the corners and in multiple directions. With a single lane wide road and other complex environments, dual camera recognition can be used, and the recognition rate can be greatly improved.
5. In hotels, the application of shopping malls can support a variety of discounted fees (such as discounted discounts, discounted hotel charges, etc.).

License plate recognition camera parameters:
Camera Lens: HD Lens 2.8~12mm Adjustable F1.4 Recognition distance is too far, can change long focal length lens Electronic shutter: 1/1 to 1/10000 seconds, 22 best shot range: 3-10m Reset: Manual recovery Factory setting storage: & TF card (microSD card)
Fill light: built-in 4 led lights, adjustable brightness (up to 1W per chip), recognition distance is too far, external fill light pixels: & nbsp1.3 million shutter: &nbsp1/25 to 1/100000 seconds white list: Supports 10000 network interfaces: 1
RS485 interface: 1

License plate identification main control board parameters:
Operating voltage: DC12V;
Communication interface: RS485, TCP/IP;
Working environment: Temperature -20°C~65°C
Humidity: 95%
The longest distance of communication: RS485 communication is 1200 meters, TCP communication is 100 meters (the distance is too long to go fiber)
Maximum offline recording capacity: 10000;
Black list or white list number: 10000 card types: ID
Reading distance: 7~10cm
Card reading time: <0.3

Safe P808 License Plate Recognition Advantage System Advantage
1. The monthly rental car can realize real offline access, the system is more reliable and the monthly rental car is not affected by offline, normal access, voice display friendly human friendly prompt, and the access record is saved to the controller. After the computer resumes work, it will be automatically uploaded, completely subverting the current market. Car rentals last month will only open the gate. There will be no entry and exit records and friendly tips. In addition, the system can be more advanced whether multiple computers, single computers or servers are not working, and temporary cars can continue to enter the field. Charges and charges are completely unaffected by the working conditions of computers and servers, that is, sudden network failures and failures, as well as ensuring that temporary vehicles in the stadium can continue to be charged and played out, ensuring that the system can be charged in all kinds of unexpected situations. .
3, whether it is a server or computer failure, the display and voice can work properly, prompt more thoughtful in the system offline state, voice and display normal work, all incoming vehicle records stored in the entrance controller, to be restored After that, the data was automatically uploaded to the database, which changed the status of the display and voice on the current offline market, and the system was in a state of embarrassment or semi-paralysis.
4, video stream recognition and trigger recognition of the sense of choice, to identify more scientific use of video stream recognition or sense of trigger to identify which has more advantages, has been in the industry disputes, in fact, in different environments, the two identification methods have their own With its advantages, the system can select the video stream or sense of the ground according to different field environments, which is more convenient and scientific.
5. Under the special circumstances, dual cameras can be used for identification. The recognition can be more powerful in the corners and in multiple directions. With a wide range of single-lane roads and other complex environments, dual camera recognition can be used, and the recognition rate can be greatly improved.

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