70 square meters decoration design style which 70m2 decoration takes how long

Nowadays, because of the economic ability, many young couples will tend to choose a room type of 70-80m2, because generally this type of apartment should have 2 rooms and 1 hall, just suitable for living after marriage, even if there is a child in the future Just right. But how long does it take for a 70m2 house to be renovated? What are the 70m2 decoration design styles?

1, 70 square meters of decoration design style

a, modern fashion style

70 flat two bedroom and one bedroom are not big, but if it is 2-3 people live is not small. You may want to make the house look beautiful and tasteful. It is recommended that you can use modern fashion style decoration, simple colors and simple and stylish furniture, so that the overall atmosphere will echo, not only gives people a sense of comfort and fashion, but also from The elegant hues feel the host's unique aesthetic style.

b. Chinese style

Who said traditional Chinese style is only suitable for large houses, in fact, small units are equally suitable. Simply placing Chinese-style furniture, simple potted plants and a small decorative painting will reveal the poetic temperament of Chinese decoration. In addition, the clever use of Chinese-style doors as partitions is both practical and beautiful.

c. European simplicity

This style of decoration can greatly enhance the sense of space, especially for a 70 square meter two-bedroom house. For example, the following illustration shows the art and aesthetics of the line. The simple furniture is like a line. The wall hangings are simple, and they are characterized by simplicity and rigor, while also giving people a great imagination. force.

2, 70 square meters decoration design how long

At present, the residential decoration can be divided into three grades: medium, low, and high. The different prices for the decoration are naturally different, and there are differences in the decoration time. If the decoration is better, the decoration of a 70m2 house will not exceed 6-88,000 yuan. It can be completed in about 3 months. So, the key is to see how you want to decorate. Simply decorate it and it doesn't take long. However, Xiao Bian suggested that it be better decorated, not to say that more luxury and more luxury, at least to be decent. After all, the house is to live forever, and it will be more economical and save a lot of time in the future.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above is for 70 square meters decoration design style and 70m2 house decoration how long it takes to introduce. In fact, there are a lot of house decoration styles, but no matter what kind of decoration style you choose, you must make the whole look harmonized, so that the effect of the entire house is beautiful.

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